We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of questions which you may have in relation to our products, how the cleanses work and our policies. Should you have any other questions, please email us at info@myrawjuice.com and we will be happy to assist you.


Why Cleanse?

 We all known the existence of toxic influences that can build up so easily in times of excess eating, activity, and stress. A focused period of detoxifying is a reset to physical and mental body. Every part of your body works better, imbalances are rectified, and irritating symptoms get a chance to melt away on their own.  Juice cleanse is a jump-start to higher levels of health, becoming slimmer, brighter, more energetic and happier. Each time you clean, you empower your own ability to create and sustain the high level of health that your body is so well equipped to experience.  


What is the difference between juicing and smoothies?

When you juice, you separate the water, which contains a large proportion of the nutrients from the fiber and carbohydrates, it's easier to digest, and all the nutrients go directly to your bloodstream. Smoothies are made with a liquid and the whole fruit or vegetables which gives you a "full" feeling. Both are healthy and beneficial to your body but in different ways. 


Why discard the fiber?

Solid food requires more time of digestive activity before its nourishment is finally available to the cells and tissues of the body. The removal of the fibers in the extraction of juices enables juices to be very quickly digested and assimilated, sometimes in a matter of minutes! Which means one can see the beneficial effects of the raw juices in a faster manner. Also, because the juices are “alive”, they regenerate the entire body with surprisingly rapid results.


Why cold-pressed?

Cold-pressed is the most effective way in releasing the mineral and chemical elements, as well as vitamins, from the tiny microscopic cells of the fibers. This is important if you want to get the best quality juice full of enzymes and nutrients. Every particle of the nourishment contained in fruits and vegetables becomes available for immediate and quick absorption by the body.


Why is it important to drink unpasteurized, raw juices?

When juices have been cooked, processed, canned or pasteurized, all of the enzymes are destroyed. The atoms are converted into inorganic or dead atoms. Unlike raw juices, which are “alive” and full of enzymes, it retains its vital organic quality.


Will I feel different if I start juicing regularly?

YES! In a month of juicing, you'll start to notice that you have more energy, desire to eat fresh whole foods, eliminate the craving for junk food, glowing skin, regular bowel movements, lightness and less bloat, weight loss, increased immune function, improved memory, healthier skin, hair, and nails.


How do I know if these programs are for me?

The cleanse programs are for everyone. We all need them because we all are exposed to toxins in our air, soil, food and water that interfere with our biochemical processes and contribute to weight gain, low energy, aging, sickness and disease. Detoxing produces both immediate and long-term benefits.


What about all the controversies posted online?

A Juice Cleansing is often being misunderstood as a health practice especially in recent years when there has been a huge surge in popularity of juice cleanses due to all the positive testimonials and life-changing stories out there. Even celebrities have been embracing juice cleanses and making it a part of their regular diet and lifestyle. There are always 2 sides to a story and with every product out there in the market, there will be both positive and negative reviews.

In fact, there are far greater personal/individual positive, life-changing testimonials from those who have undergone a juice cleanse than controversies posted by writers/editors who might not have gone through a juice cleanse themselves to experience the health benefits it can provide. Additionally, juice cleanses are safer, healthier, more beneficial and provide a greater abundance of essential vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and minerals than other weight loss pills/methods, traditional fasts & diets that are being offered today. When used carefully and wisely, juice cleansing can be a beautiful, nourishing tool to improve your health by breaking down acidic waste toxic matter and rejuvenating your body at a cellular level. The results are reflected in a healthier, radiant, vibrant, glowing you!


Why does the juice have settling or separation after it stays in the fridge?

This is due to the different density of the ingredients that make up the juices and our juices are natural with no chemicals added in them! Most of the drinks bought off the shelf have stabilizers added in so the ingredients don’t separate. So don’t worry, just give our juice a shake before drinking.


How often should I cleanse?

A good rule of thumb is whenever you experience any of the following: fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and of course, before and after holidays or any special events that lead to overindulging. We recommend doing a cleanse once a month. This allows your body the proper rest and recovery time it needs to maintain optimum health.


Is my Raw Juice organic?

We do our best to use organic produce whenever possible. Unfortunately, certain items are not available as certified organic for example coconut water is not easily available organic. The benefits of coconut water are so far reaching it is sensible to use it, regardless of its organic or non-organic status. Lastly, we buy locally when possible and support local farmers. You are guaranteed that all produce, whether organic or all-­‐natural, go through an intensive cleaning process.


Where do I get my protein?

Greens have an amazing amount of protein. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are in all fruits and vegetables. Plus, you’ll be receiving extra protein from our Nut Milk beverage.


Can I drink My Raw Juice if I'm on a gluten-free diet?

Yes! We are gluten-free. In fact there is nothing added to our juice but juice!


Can I do this if I'm on blood thinners?

Generally the answer is “NO”. You should check with your doctor.


 I am taking medication. Can I still cleanse?

Please consult your physician before beginning a cleanse.


What about coffee, teas and alcohol?

We recommend avoiding all of these acid-forming drinks to get the best out of your cleanse. However, if you cannot give up coffee for a day, and decide that you are not going to cleanse solely because of it, we say cleanse and drink coffee. There are however some other alternative stimulants like herbal tea and green tea. Maybe try these out to ease your cravings and see how it all goes.


What are the detox symptoms?

There are some standard cleansing symptoms to be aware of: headaches, dizziness, general aches and pains, low-grade fever, skin rashes and breakouts, and mood swings. Your body is working to tear down all the “bad stuff” and rid the toxins. Once these “bad stuff” leave your system, believe us, you will feel a whole new level of brightness, shine and happiness!


Are there enough calories if I'm taking your juice cleanse set for the day? 

Not to worry, the juices are designed to help support your system throughout the day. However, if in case you feel that you need to really eat something, please stick to the foods we have recommended. Choose salad, celery sticks, fruits or vegetable broth. Listen to your body. All we ask is please refrain from caffeine and meat, if possible, to enjoy the full effects of your cleanse.


How much juice can be taken safely?

Just as much as you can drink comfortably without forcing yourself. According to Dr. Norman Walker, one pint daily is the least that will show any perceptible results.


Can I exercise?

Working up a light sweat is an awesome way to get rid of toxins from your body. But remember to listen to your body, and exercise at a pace that suit your body’s energy levels during the cleanse.


How much weight will I lose? Will I gain it back?

Remember, this is a nutritional cleanse (think health gain) designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to focus on eliminating toxins. Many people do lose weight, but you should consider it just a bonus side effect. If you’re already slim and eating well you may not lose much weight. Others who are (even slightly) overweight and are transitioning from a highly processed, low-nutrient diet may lose a couple of pounds during the cleanse. Hopefully, our cleanse programs will make you think about what you put in your mouth daily. If you begin your cleanse with the mindset that this is your ‘reboot’ button and maintain a whole foods and natural produce based alkaline diet, you will keep the weight off, and maintain your ‘cleansing glow’.


Why is juice so expensive?

Not all juices are created equal. The average juice takes more than 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables to make. Additionally, we try to use organic whenever we can and each juice is a handcrafted beverage. Lastly, the process of cold-pressing requires more involvement. Also remember delivery is included.