About Us

After months of juicing and trying to convince friends and family to do the same, she decided to set her goals a little higher. With the aim of making organic, cold pressed juices available and accessible to everyone in her hometown, she decided to further explore this healthy movement and share it with as many people as she could. You could be a part time low investment banker, a housewife taking care of three kids, or just a regular office worker in search for a quick ready-to-eat lunch option. My Raw Juice was founded by Veronica, to make raw, organic, cold pressed juices accessible to you.

We are sure that everyone wants the best for their body, but without making too many sacrifices. You don’t have to be a health guru to start juicing. If you are one who works and plays hard, but also relish the idea of giving your digestive system a break then you’ll probably be surprised by how much you like our cleanses and juices. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle we are advocating. Of course, weight loss, better complexion, clarity of mind, increased energy and better sleep are some of the desired qualities.

We hope that you will get started in your journey in providing more nutrients for your body. It’s really up to you. You can make juicing a part of your lifestyle or just choose to drink a juice for breakfast – whatever you decide, we're sure you will notice a difference in how you feel. Your body will surely thank you for it.

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